Friday, January 2, 2009


people on the sale days!!;p

i don't know why but those shoes remended me of you zara!!;p

the biggest cinema ever!!;p

i saw twilight there and it sucks!!;p


i love that place!!;p

some died people!!;p


on top of the bus

some cool garden!!;p

to be continued i'm not in the mood to upload more images i'm sick from school!!


Anonymous said...

That is a really impressive theater...stage... whatever :P

MeeMzZ said...

LOOOL!!;P i know it's big isn't it!!;p

Technogal said...

Wanasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :) 3leeech bel3afia.

Anonymous said...

i wanna the bal3aa sweets <_<
am starvingg,
nice shots sista:*
believe me ur school its not suckier than ma daaamn coll.

Gee said...

ma 3arafnalkm ma3a hal twilight .. nas ewa9lona el sema o nas mas7en feh el ga3 :p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


welaht 3la london 7aram 3laich l9war brought it all back =(

mo3ath said...

yabelaa London :D

bel3afia 3aleech , welcome back to reality again :P

ARTFUL said...

some died people!!;p


.... tdaor albal3a o alr5999!!!

5ala9 rday drsay basch l3b o haylaa!!

ARTFUL said...

o 3la fkra tra entay bya9wiiir

faaaaashlaaa ;p

TOOTA said...

cool pictures!!;)

Bliss said...

love the pictures =D

the one with the chocolates made me
wallah i'm so hungry and i'm in need for some sweets!!

Even Sweeter said...

ooow London baybe!! aaaah i miss london so bad ;s Glad u had fun hun;p

Anonymous said...

Aww MeeMzZ, first of all hope you feel better, name me who love school? I love all your pictures. LOL, the pink shoes look so girlish and cute. I have both the shoes you post in your picture. The first picture, mine shoes is white mix green colors. The second picture, mine is white basic Everlast slip on. And i love the junk food and book!

Balqees said...

fj2ah i wna back home :(

i miss dr.pepper :(
i wna see twilight
mali da5l if it sucked

fj2ah i miss my flat :(

anyhoo glad u had fun fun fun my dear :D:D

MeeMzZ said...


why does your school suck?!;p

Gee Gee
lool im3agad!!;p

ana welaht 3la london already!!;p

LOOOL 7ada!!;p

madree areed 3alak wallah la2 mmmm...malee 5ilg!!;p hehe


take *hands chocolate to bliss* 3alaich bil3afya
and thanx!!

Even Sweeter
i love london it's great!!

nobody loves school!!;p

LOOOL!!;p the food well you know how hunger makes me feel!!;p it make me go OUT OF MY MIND!!;P

tara twilight is not that bad bas the book is better then the movie!!;p

Faten said...

yay, wanasah..
LOL @ the bal3 :P

Cooookies said...

shawagteneee I need to pay london a visit :P

Hottie said...

Lol, I was just there for the day, and I saw the first half of these pictures. Isn't it weird that they're gonna change leicester square. The plans are cool nonetheless.

Stand-Alone~ said...

someone had fun!!!

Wallah i envy you.. I NEEED A BREAK *sigh*

Another-Penelope said...

wanasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa allaaaaaaaah bal3aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yal ba5eeela share 3ad (A)

brocasarea said...

nice cool pics:)

Anonymous said...

wanaaaaaaaaaaaaaasa!!!!i miss london:(