Sunday, August 24, 2008

5 Facts About Me ;p

hey, what's up ? well, this is my first blog and i decided to talk about 5 random facts about me

#5: i love imagining my self eating- lol i know it sounds weird but, here's the thing there are many sites that have cooking recipes with pictures which are amazing. but, when you scroll down to the recipe i don't know about you! but, i go blank!! cause i don't know what the hell they're talking about. so, why bother doing the recipe which will taste amazingly discusting when there is a picture which you could imagine eating. hey check this site out you'll know what i mean

#4: I dont really have dreams....i think im dead inside!! :s oh yeah by dreams i mean night dreams not future dreams. lol i don't even have future dreams too!!

#3: alot of people associate me with the color green and why is that?! well, i was pretty obsessed with the color green. (i was 3arbawya BUT not anymore cause my sis is Qadsawiya and i really had enough from her being mot3a9ba and calling me an onion)anyways i love the color green i don't know why?! it's such a pretty, rich and a natrual color i guess!! i think forest green would be my favorite type of green but now it's dieing a little bit. i love all types of colors!! this season i think purple is my color

#2: i'm really terrible at sports, in other words i hate sports!! sports need energy and sadly i don't have that. and the thing is that all my sisters love sports, and every each one of them has at least five gold medals and what do i have?! oh wait let me think none!! no no no i actually do have one and it's a sliver medal and i don't even know where the hell i left it!!

#1: well, last but not least i love animals!! yes animals!! and one day i'm going to fulfill my dreams and become a vet that's only if kuwait opens a veterinarian colloge!!:s


q8Honey said...

LOL hey sis! Welcome to blogsphere, thanks for including me in your post, i feel special (a) although i'm sorry for calling u an onion! lol nice post ..

Anonymous said...

i HEART the color GREEN! :D

welcome :D

MeeMzZ said...

thanx sis fadatich!! and thanx anonymous!!:)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

welcome to blogoshpere hun!!
wishin you a pleasan stay :)

MeeMzZ said...

thanx dandoon!!