Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ten Things I WanT To Do Before I Die

you choose your life you make the pathways in your life. you go down these pathways!! you can go down the wrong ones, then walk backwards and go down the new ones!! basically life is crucial. the way you take life i supose it chooses your after life, i guess!!:p and i thought to my self life, what do i want to do with life, before i die. so i made a list!!

#1: i'd like to learn french very fluently. so fluently in fact that even french people them selfs come up and say wow you can speak very good french!!;p

#2:i would like to break in someones door one day for no reason at all!!:D and it has to be a wooden door cause i wont be able to kick in a steal door!! and it will probably be someone that i don't know cause i don't want to kick in a friends door!!

#3: i would like to go to france again and i want to go to some little restraunts and order something really expensive then i would like to walk off without paying and then come back the next day and pay and that way people think wow what a very nice woman!!;p

#4: i would like to compose a trail of 100fils leading up to a 5kd

#5: i would like to write a joke inside a balloon and let it go and hope that it lands in somewhere. where someone needs a joke, and if i was a person who is sitting on a bench and so depressed cause you know there is no humor in my life;s and i saw a balloon that came and that landed next to me which has a joke inside, i'd laugh and it'll make my day

#6: i really want to learn how to whistle with my fingers

#7: i would like to grow a watermelon one day

#8: i would like to invent my own word and it would mean completly useless without perpose or something like that!!

#9: i would like to go to these fansy parties in the states where people are socializing and talking about world hunger and wold proverty. i don't know i just decided it'll be cool

#10: i wanna skydive oh my god everybody wants to go skydiving i think!! except for the scared ones!! but, skydiving i feel like a free falling and still kind of knowing that your safe but not sure that your gonna make it to the bottom in one peice kind of thing!!;s


q8Honey said...

lol interesting! ;p

Anonymous said...


la7tha la7thaa

#2 why !! .. bs chethy out of no where betkasreen bab elnas ! :P lool

#3 how about you tip them WAYED they'll think u're nice men ghair kil hal 7osa lool:P

bs tell me how are you going to walk off?? :P

#10 i want to skydive too :(

MeeMzZ said...

q8 honey:thanx;*

#2 bas chithy because ba3'6 ilmarat i9eeer feene abee aswee shay for noo reason at all

#3 la2!! iltip 3goob ma ared cause salft in-na7sha minzooman wanna abee asweeha!! o0 shlon ban7ash?! i have my own ways;)

Anonymous said...

haw 3almeeni (A)

MeeMzZ said...


brocasarea said...

very srange[3rd one]....why door breaking?...come to my house..lol

MeeMzZ said...

loool... i said someone i don't know!!;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ive been skydiving ;)

its a beautiful experience....one i cannot put in words ;)

you should definately try it :D

MeeMzZ said...

you think...cool!!