Monday, January 19, 2009




Friday, January 9, 2009


hey guys i think i'm gonna stop posting i'm gonna post only if i feel like it i'm just gonna comment on blogs and study for the exams i need i high GPA!! so all i need from you guys not to say noooo or laaaaaaaish!!;p in the comment box i need you guys to support me!! thanx!!;p


Wednesday, January 7, 2009


oky well it's the honety tag you all know it right!!;p

oky well let's get it over with

1-i really hate some body in school and yet she always sits with me!! and i never told anybody about it and if i did my friends will be shocked!!;p

2-i hate birthdays they suck

3-i hide my feelings and cover them with a smile and if you see me crying then that's because i've been hiding my feelings for soo loong and i can't take it anymore

4-i whine alot but i can't stand it if someone is whining!!

5-i learned a fact that alcohol makes you happy and i'm dieing to taste it to see if the fact is true

6-i really don't care if people talk behind my back as long as i don't know i don't care but if i know then god help them

7- i don't give second chances you screw up once that's it your no longer in my heart and that hardily ever happens

8-if i hate someone i talk behind there back and show them that i hate them if not then just tell them right in the face

9-i hate thiqa people only if they were dead serious not in a joking way thiqa!! and i certainly hate people low self esteem!! i'm sorry but that's the truth!!;/

10-if anyone hate me then i'd rather know then keeping the hate from me... because i'd rather not waste my breath on someone that hates me!! you tell me and i'll keep away from you!!;p

well everyone has done it well if not then i tag everyone oh dark D i tag you and venus if you want and whoo else?!

thanx to another penelope and my bliss!!;p ya'll rock!!

PS: to those who i know in real life don't ask me questions about it cause i'll appreciate it if you don't thanx!!;p

Friday, January 2, 2009


people on the sale days!!;p

i don't know why but those shoes remended me of you zara!!;p

the biggest cinema ever!!;p

i saw twilight there and it sucks!!;p


i love that place!!;p

some died people!!;p


on top of the bus

some cool garden!!;p

to be continued i'm not in the mood to upload more images i'm sick from school!!