Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i was mean but he deserved it!!

first off all i wanted to say that i hate anonymous comments not you ANONY!! what i mean about anonymous comments? i mean ppl outside blogger commenting on bloggers blogs!!;p OKY BAS 3AAAD YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!;p

this is how the fight started i was visting balqees a few day ago and i saw this anonymous comment and i got really angry and this is what happen!!;p i hope that balqees doesn't mind!!;p

i just copied the whole thing so nothing is made up!!;p i know there are alot of mistakes!!;p but i'm not gunna fix them!!;p

Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe you should die. you're a worthless piece of crap anyway

10/11/2008 7:57 PM

Blogger MeeMzZ said...

mino hatha waiiii3 waiiiiiii3 WAIIIIIIIIIIIII3!! reday 3aly!!;p shinoo heey you!! ee you anonymous 9ik7aljeek ow shut up itha matfham 3arbee i7maaaaar!! ila balqees 3aaad ma2ar'6a 3alaha!! and did anyone tell you that your making a fool out of your self!!;p no no your the piece of shit you shity crap freak!!;p BALQEEEES REDAY 3ALAH!!;p

10/12/2008 10:52 AM

Blogger Balqees said...

thnx everyine for thier cheerful comments :)

and as for the anonymous comment
well i think ur a sad sad person coz if u had the guts u woudn't write anonmyously so ur comment is the most comment that made me happy coz ur a pathitic loser who obviously has no life except for writting "mean" anonymous comments ...

YA A#D CHABDI ENTY WALLAH :*****************

10/12/2008 12:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its amusing you say I have no life, yet the only life you have is sitting in front of a computer screen writing useless shit on a blog. It must suck to be you since the only friends you have seem to exist on a blog. Sometimes I wonder why are all arab girls so ignorant, must be because they are spoiled, shallow, materialistic or maybe because they have too much money. seems like the only thing they care about is shopping and watching American T.V shows, they couldn't give a shit about anything else. as for me writing 'anonymously' what difference does it make since everyone here doesn't use their real name anyway.

you said I'm a sad person, well i'm not the one with suicidal thoughts dear

Ciao lesbo =)

10/12/2008 4:17 PM

Blogger Broke Saudi said...

You accused her of being ignorant and shallow, yet you end it by calling her a lesbo. Pot calling the kettle black?

10/12/2008 6:25 PM

Comment deleted

This post has been removed by the author.

10/13/2008 7:02 AM

Blogger MeeMzZ said...

LOOOOK you CIAO LEZBOO freakin man AND BY THE WAY WHAT KIND OF NAME IS THAT anyways you i know that i have nothing to do with this but since you mentioned arab and we spend all our money on shopping well, i'm not gunnna freakin' shut up!! you know what?! all i can say about you is that your a big back stabing racist bastered who doesn't think only about himself and you know what freak yes we are rich and we have money and oil and all the things you don't HAVE!! and that's the reason your commenting on this post your just a jelouse worthless peice of shit!!

you know what go whine some where else we are not her to hear you worthless piece of crap fuck you!! dumb ass!!

10/13/2008 7:08 AM

Blogger MeeMzZ said...

and by the way did i mention that we can kill you YES KILL YOU!!i have a this device where i can track you down!! we are terrorists isn't that WHAT YOU THINK!! ur such a big sterotypical person!!;p dude get a life!!and yet you say that balqees should get a life and you write worthless comment that don't even make since you should think before you speak but i don't blame you i blame your parents for not taking care of you so well!!


10/13/2008 7:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

'meemzz' you're an idiot but I won't hold that against you since you're young, the sad thing is you will probably remain that way.

as for everything else you wrote, you proved everything I said to be true, as for me being jealous of your money, sorry money isn't important to me.

You should put your little device away, aren't you a little to old to be playing with toys, and I don't know why you want to kill me don't you think there's enough killing in the world.

I find it amusing that you call me a racist, since anyone who has ever been to an arab country seems to think otherwise

Ciao isn't my name it means goodbye in italian, when I say 'lesbo' I was referring to the author of this blog

anyways there's no point arguing with a retard

10/13/2008 4:19 PM

Blogger Balqees said...

you somthing anonymous dude who really has no life but "trying" to make himself feel better by fighting with other ppl
and you know something else this is MY blog i can write wtever i want in it and i don't care wt u say, i don't even know who u r
so if u want to write that i should go kill my self or i'm a lesbian or a stuck up who has no life .. etc, dude write on and on and on i really don't care, coz well do u think anyone cares wt u write no one even cares, so u can write on and on u can even write in each post wtever u wt, its my blog and i can write wtever i want, and i don't car wt a pathatic shit bag like you writes in it, coz to me and to evey other person UR the loser with no life,

ur free to say wtever u want ...

10/14/2008 1:24 AM

Blogger MeeMzZ said...

LOOK WHO EVER YOU ARE!! I'M YOUNG BUT YOUR TO OLD TO BE MESSING AROUND HERE!! you should get a life or get married or do something else cause it shows that you have become too OLD cause all old people DON'T MAKE ANY SINCE!! so yes grandpa GET MARRIED OR DO SOMETHING ELSE

SURE YOU DO!! ur really jelouse and piontless

WELL SCINCE YOU JUST MENCTIONED THAT WE ALL kuwaities don't care only about money and shopping?!why don't you continue on and say that were torrorists!! isn't that what ALL AMERICAN OR ALL THE PEOPLE THAT DON'T MAKE SCINCE SAY!!



and by the way i think your to old for marriage and no one wants to take a fool like you!!

10/14/2008 6:12 AM

Anonymous said...
I couldn't care less what you write on your blog. What you write usually reflects what you are and since everything you write about is crap, that makes you a worthless piece of shit. don't you agree? meemzz you should learn to spell, I hope you don't actually speak the same way you write because you would sound like a retard. As for calling me grandpa That's amusing since I'm only 24.
10/15/2008 7:24 AM

MeeMzZ said...
ya sure my ass 24 you sound like a retarded 50 years old grandpa if not 60!!go kill yourslef i don't care if you care at least your reading what i'm saying and if you don't care then why the hell are you reading my comments?!;pand by the way you have nothing to talk about and for sure you can't say anything about what i wrote on my own previous comment and to prove to you about what i just said you just wrote about how bad my spelling is and you didn't even know that my spelling suck until you saw my blog so go kill yourself and i just knew that you really don't have a life cause your not only writting your worthless comments here your writing it everywhere and not in american blogs just in arab blogs and your saying that your not jelouse!!;p IT SHOWS!!
10/15/2008 9:52 AM


Charmbracelet said...

loool madree laish bs that was funny ! =p
ya m3awda sh7aga 7araa 3omrich..! just ignore, they get more pissed that way ! just leave it alone ! haha

MeeMzZ said...

wallah ma a5alee he's soo mean laish igool something that isn't true!!;p

♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

ouf oufoufoufouf mn wain yay !!? ok I think he's the one who was also commented to mine in bad words :/ who knows @@

isn't true about what meemzo? @@ that arab girls are arrogant? @@

MeeMzZ said...

♥ P-Ella ♥
ee that's the prob people come from no where and comment on serious post and think that it's a joke !!;p yaaaaaah he's been every where@@

laaa2 ina all we care about is money and shopping well, for me personaly i'm not in to shopping well i'm an arab and i'm sure that there are million of people that are not in to shopping like me and the thing is that he doesn't get is that we work so hard for the money not get it for free!!;p

you know what i don't want to start all over again he's such a douche bag!!;p

and i really get angry when people think that arabs are really bad and selfish and and....etc and i can't let that happen when i'm still alive over my dead body!!itha mit theek isa3a i9eer kafhoom 5al igoolon ily igoloonah!!;p

Oreo Madness said...

omg that's the same person who also commented on mine :|
but i kept on deleting them lol

miskeen, he has no life
all he ever does is comment on "arab" blogs (3ala goultu)
he just proved to us that he's SERIOUSLY jealous!!!


♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

oh yea he's lame :/

3yal 5n asket etha ma tr'6een 3n arab girls:P y3ny shay akeed ena m7ad yr'6a a7ad yt'3l6 3la his/her country and people mo 9a7ee7 !!

MeeMzZ said...

Oreo Madness
zaiiin itsweeeeeen!!;p i agree with you he has no life!!;p

ee 7ada he's totally a big fat loser that's jelouse for us arabs!!;p suck your big fat toe moron!!;p hehehe

MeeMzZ said...

♥ P-Ella ♥
totally lame!!;p

LOOOOOOL...LAISH TASKTEEN 3AD!!;P loool ya akeed ma7ad yirtha a7ad i'3al6 about there country culture style you know...

Balqees said...


reading that was funny i don't know why

and god he is such an ass eff

its ok u posted it i hope that loser comes here and reads how pathatic he is :P

♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

cause you'll hate me seriously if i agree with him:P faaa :X

SHOFAY meemzz 7egree walla ma 3nda salfa bs yabee egazar wagta tara !! b3dain he sounded 14 yrs old so just say ignorance is bliss whenever he comments ok

MeeMzZ said...

ee i wish he comes her cause if he comes here ma salam!!;p

♥ P-Ella ♥
I WILL NEVER HATE YOU ON WHATEVER YOU SAY KEEP THAT IN MIND!! i hate him because he is a pain in the ass!!

ee i know u9lan he can't say anYthing now he's stuck!! wahagta!!;p ee ow ba3daan ana mo hayna 5al i5ser waktee i have alot of time on my hands!!;p SHOOFY BAS 3ASHANICH I'M GUNNA TRY OW BAGOULA ignorance is bliss whenever he comments!!;P WALLAH MA A5LEE BAS 3ASHANICH!!;P

♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

b3ad galbi entay :$
ee just ignore walla klshy b9eer fine girlie ;)

PaLoMiNo said...


way to go meemzz!!!!!3ashaat balqees ;***

mo3ath said...

لوووووووول صار مكافخ :D

وانتوا من صجكم تردون غلى واحد دايخ مثل هذا

هذا لو يرد عندي راح احط له سمايل واقوله ان شالله بس انت اول :D

هذول حرام فيهم حرقه الدم والاعصاب :)

brocasarea said...

a sadistic asshole!!...dont worry...:)

ARTFUL said...

laaa looooooool

hadao ya meemz shfiikom!!!

Anonymous said...


ana shakli bagahyer esme :( :P

entaw shmala radeen 3ali khalo ewale o delete his comment 3ade :D el 7aya sa3eeda :P

bs wala 3afya 3aleech MeemMZ etdaf3een :P lool

MeeMzZ said...

♥ P-Ella ♥



LOOOOOL...3ashat ayaaaaaamich poly!!;p


ee bi9eer ith '3ila6 3aly bas ma '6nity ina bird 3aly!!;p





LOOOL 3alah shinoo!?;p
WAIT INTA DID YOU READ THE POST!! anyways izibda wa7eed i3yeeb 3allah balqees ow ilq8 ow 6al3 americee qatheeth


NOOOOO DON'T EVER THINK OF CHANGING YOUR NAME!!;P itha ma dafa3at 3allah il kuwait ow balqees 3ayal adafi3 3allah minoo!!;p

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me famous I'm flattered =) So now I'm being accused of writing on other people's blogs, lol its good to know I'm not the only anonymous out there.

You said I'm jealous Sorry but i had to laugh a lot about your stupidity. Since you're from Kuwait I'll tell you what you have: dirt, bad behavior, hypocrisy, big cars on credit, bitches, little money that you don't earn yourself, heat, dust, boring malls, poor foreigners (your slaves at home) who have to clean your asses after you shit, no respect, corruption, did I mention Arabs are conceded assholes

MeeMzZ said...

shut up grandpa i'm not in the mood for your silly thoughts go fuck yourself so tell do you didn't find the right grandma to marry!! go kill yourself!! and who do you think you are to talk about arabs like that all i can see right now is a big ass bastered and have you wondered that whatever your doing is reflecting on your ppl so whenever i say americans i think big asses that dont think only about there self and plz tell me did you ever come to kuwait if not then shut the fuck up!!;p and have you ever wondered that your making a big fool out of your self and since your really sure about what your saying why don't you put ur name!! do me a favor and kill yourslef and don't show up again on my blog CAUSE YOUR NOT WELCOME HERE!!

Anonymous said...

I don't give a shit about you or you're blog, I'm just responding to you idiotic comment. and what make you so sure I'm american? its amusing you said to kill myself, you arabs are well known for that

MeeMzZ said...


well if you don't care then you wouldn't care about my comment too!!

cause that's what all americans say well no prob if you don't like that name i can simply call you a racist well, no one thinks that we're terrorists only the people like you people that don't have brains and have nothing to do only comment on blogs and make a fool out of there selfs and who do you think you are calling us terrorists if we're terrorists what are you and the people like you cause alot of trouble if you want more wars and more pain keep saying that cause whatever your saying isn't true and honestly if your gunna hear everything that people tell you and beleive them your not gunna survive that's life and please i'm trying to bring peace between us and i'm just gunna tell you that i'm not that kind of person that keeos fighting well if you wanna comment comment but if you want to right about arabs i'm not gunna make that happen i would like to know what you think i don't mind if you be honest!! but talking about i cant make that happen!!;p