Wednesday, November 19, 2008


i have an arabic test after 4 days!! and i am not getting a thing ow i really suck at arabic!!;p so the question is....

does anyone know how to learn faster??

i don't care how rediculus might be i just need to A7FI'6 3ARBEE!!

i don't care if you tell me to study upside down or sleep with the paper next to you soo the information runs to your mind i'll do it i JUST NEED TO STUDY TELL ME HOW DO YOU STUDY?!;P


Anonymous said...

Arghh i cant help either,i'm sucky also.Can you imagine i can't even write Arabic's writing!At least your way way way better than me =)So your study in International school? Maybe you could try to study in the early morning when you're sober!

MeeMzZ said...

yaa international school!!;p hehe i'll try that!!;p THAAANX!!!;p since i don't have school tomorrow i'll try to study in the morning!!;p

PaLoMiNo said...

Screw studying hahahahahay ;p

PaLoMiNo said...

Tip Damaaaar:

Barasheeeem ;Pp

I'm bad ;p

PaLoMiNo said...

meemzz t3laaay ;p

polly mo chena il kharoof ele staanskhoooh?

wela thaak chena dolly? LOL madry shy chethe ;p

Lili3 said...

I'm totally the same! I cant study Arabic, its tough :S the only thing I do is memorize the answers AND the questions even if I don't understand it XD

sadia said...

lemme see.
forget about everything.
there's no point staring at a page for 35 minutes and not getting anything.
focus, and maybe you'll get it in just 10 minutes or so.
reward yourself every hour or so by doing something you like for 10 minutes...(like reading my blog ;p)
and then hit the books again!
if only i can follow my own advice!
good luck kido!

Ðark D. said...

"sleep with the paper next to you soo the information runs to your mind"

and how does that work ? @@"

anyway .. I wish I could help you but it's the same here .. i'm really bad with how to study for it ..
I write down every thing that I've learned and what's important .. and try to memorize it .. but that doesn't work with me .. I have a very bad memory


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

wouldnt we all be relieved if we knew?

MeeMzZ said...

LOOOL i wish!!;p

LOOOOL...i'm not good in cheating!!;p

LOOOOL POLLY?!;p polly il barbie looking doll ily she always wears pink!!;p


YAA LOOOL YOU HAVE A POINT!!;P but you can memorize!!i can't!!;p

i will try to focus!!;p inshallah thanx!!;p

Ðark D.

MEEE TOOOOO!! i have a memory problem!!;p


B" said...

Ya 3arab min 9ijkum entaw? ;p
walah I laughed load on this!

listen .. open ur book .. concentrate .. and study .. convince your self that it is ENGLISH! but with new letters and rules .. do it because you have to do! don't do it because u'll fall in love with it somehow ;p

aTooNa said...

shakhbaree 9af el 3raby. i wish i payed more attention back then. american intern'l?
sing the '7ifith' parts to learn it!

ARTFUL said...

3n alt3fleng!!!


walla tra '3ala6 elli ga3d tsaowona glna t3almao englizi bs 3ad mo tnson al3arabi ya 3yala

drsay o twakelay 3la allah .. o allah ra7 ywafgch!! .. ana a7b adres b9ala w96 alez3aj =)

ehta mntay gadra tfhmin 7f'6ay shtsawin b3d =)

Anonymous said...

shino belthab6 eli tabeena? tabeen ta7fetheen ??

a7san shay .. madre bs it works with me .. ena a7feth aw agra el fayer then i sleep for couple of hours ba3deen agom :D .. bs lazem etkoneen emrakza ..

it doesnt work etha darastay o u watched tv ba3adha mayenfa3

study o sleep a7san shay, aw saweelech note o khealeehom beedich . 7ata wentay etshfoeen tv shofeehom egreehom 3ala el saree3 it wont feel like studying bs ra7 tathber el ma3loma .. 7ata while ur walking or 6al3a or anything

Charmbracelet said...

make it fun in a way!=p
ya m3awda alla e3enich!=p Allah e3afii Special Arabic =$$ =p lool
goodluckhoe =*

Music, Happiness, Love said...

lool! just go over it a million times until u memorize it or just ask someone to help u..

Miemie said...

Okay here's the tip:
etha btadrseein she3er oo swalef
etha grammars oo na7u oo bla bla bla: LAZEM MUDARES! cz these things are more diffuclt to understand than physics!! I used to get a teacher until university :S
Good luck ;***

Missy said...

etha qa9eeeda LA7NEEEEHA bt7ftheenha ib 5 mins hahaha :P y3nee saweeha e'3nya

MeeMzZ said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!;P english with new letters and new rules!! HAHAHA!!;P KAAAAAAAAAK!! you made me laugh sooo much i'll try to focus!!;p THANX!!;P

LOOOL..SING?!;P i'll try but with 9ooty mo 7iloo?!;p

LOOOOL 7atan ana ag3ad ib ni9 i9ala ow i5wanee irakthoon wana a7fi'6!!;p

owlaa shega3dnee ilfayer 3ashan arkiz?!;p

looool ana i watch tv ow agra kilma kilmtayn ow i watch tv again!!;p hehehe

5ala9 bagoom ilfayer ow i study 7aaal ow i sleep ow study ow sleep!!;p

oky tawich itgoolin make it fun!! thank you for calming me down!!;p inty you are another story!!;p

Music, Happiness, Love
LOOOL you think i didn't do that and who ever helped me would already commited sucide by now!!;p

BAS 9OOTY MOO 7ILOOOOOO!!;P I HATE SINGING VOICE MAKES ppl vomit!!;p oky pretend i never said that!!;p hehehe
KAAAAAAAAAK about LAZEM MUDARES part!!;p ok thanx for the luch i need it!!;p

oky ba'3nee bas itha inkasraw kill iljamat bil ikuwait lats2leen laish?!;p btw invite me to your blog!!;p hehehe

ARTFUL said...

mo mdaoma!!!

ARTFUL said...


mn gal 9otch 7looo @@

la yr7am waldaich!! e7na bm6aqa
w7da o al9ot yasri.. b3d t6l3on yirana t9iir m9ibaa!!! ;p

Miemie said...

i'm a bad singer myself ;p dont sing, just PRETEND you r memorizing a song - adree eshyab lee yab! bs mu7awalat targe3 :D

MeeMzZ said...

ana wa7da manee rada 3alyik la2na kil ma radat 3alaik za3alt fa a7anlee ma arid 3laaik!!;p

LOOOOL...JUST PRETEND YOUR MEMORIZING A SONG!!;P 7ad oma targee3!!;p hehe!!;p gd try bas i prefer the singing!!;p

ARTFUL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ARTFUL said...


t3alay memo shfiich yubaa ;D

aowal shay glt lch ana ma az3al
3laich =)

thani shay lama trdin lazm t5orina bl7achi o t'3al6in!! fiii waaaayd sh'3lat t6afer mn '3air tajri7.. ;D

mathalan: y3ni nftre'9 btrdin 3lay lazm tgolin ent kel yom tnaheg chenk 7mar !!! ((ok radaitay 3lay o '9a7aktay alnas.. bs 3aib tgolin chthi fi alf rad o rad .. 9a7 kalami?)) o etha
7asaitay enni ma9a5t'ha golili o ana as7abha.. wala y9ir 5a6rch ella 6ayeb kel shay wala memo =)

rday o 6al3ay elli bgalbch mn kerh o 7eqd 3adi tmonin ;p

b3dain laish mo mdaoma??! ;p

MeeMzZ said...


LOOOOL...aham shay tara ma3rafnalik yoom tiz3al ow yoom la2!!;p hehe

mo imdoama la2na fee ijtma3 il ablat!!;p wallah zain matiz3al minee wallah il a3rfa min kalamik ina kil za3lan minee!! bas yallah!!;p min awal ma gilt memo 3araft shino bidgool!!;p hehehe

ARTFUL said...

ashwa.. 5ara3tini 7sbali mari'9a ;p

la la la t7atin ma az3al ;p

Ðark D. said...

okay .. I think I know now how to study for an arabic exam
you have to read the lesson and KNOW what it's talking about .. anD then you should make your own "afkar raeesa& jozeeya" , make your own questions for every lesson and look up the new words from a dectionary

then you study from your note book .. that way it will stick in your mind
if you didn't get it you have to read the lesson once more

my teacher said the key is to know what you are studying and NOT memorizing it .. it's better

you just have to memorize the poems .. and it gets easyer if you know the meaning of the difficult words


MeeMzZ said...

LOOOL ANA MAREE'6A!!;P waaaaay chan zaaayn!!;p 3ashan ma aqadim il imt7an yoom il a7ad!!;p hehehe

Ðark D.
YAAA I KNOW I WAS studying today and i had no clue at all so i try to memorize and memorize then my mom came and she shouting at me ow galatly shloon ta7'6een WINTY MOO FAHMITA!!;P chan agooolha lazim a3rif ilma3na chan itgoool LA WALLAH INTY TISL3B6EEN 3ALLAH RASEE.....i was likee ohh that's how i study?!;p hehe

SNAWSI said...

Hey :)
If you're hooked in internet( & since you've a blog, I assumed you are), you should try to study arabic online, via some educational websites.

Off topic: unless you did it on purpose, or there's some bug, I think you should review your blog's css file so that the posts'titles, comments and permalinks... become " readable" over the black baground of the blog ;)

Cheers !

BeBe said...

well i think the best way to study
one hour study b3dain one hour rest n so on :P oo study @ 6 am so no one bothers u :P

Anonymous said...

MeeMzZ said...


Hey :)
i wish i could it's learn and memorize not qaw3id!!

LOOOL IT'S ON PURPOSE!!;P cause i hate titles!!;p

hey and thanks for visting my blog i wish you vist me more often!!;p

yaaah that's what i'm doing!!;p thanx anyways!!;p

i'll cheack your blog later!!;p

Ghadoor said...

walla ana 9arli 6 months men ta5arajt
o nesait shlon kent adres :p

MeeMzZ said...

LOOOOL duhh!!;p minoo ilfa'6ee ily bit'thkar shloon kan yedress 3arabee!!;p hehehe