Monday, November 10, 2008


hello guy i don't know why but it feels like i haven't posted for day but posted yesterday anyways!! today i was looking for my english book and i didn't find it i thought that my maid had mistaken and left it in my old sack of book soo... i was looking for it and i found my first grade english book i was gazing at it for a while and one of my notes had this subject

who's your superhero idol?!;p
and i wrote

my superhero is CAPTAIN HOOKE!!
yes captain hooke he's my super because everything he does refects what i do he likes to fight takes his revange and you know all that is what i live for!! althought captain hooke seeks for treasure but i seek for happiness!!

so who is your superhero?!;p


B" said...

emmm its superman ;p
i like his Logo ;p

Anonymous said...


sh`hal 9ora ely foog etkhare3 @@

Anonymous said...

zwena etsawe comments besme 3ala keefha :@

bs sij the green tongue ykhare3 !!

SKITTLES said...

my supa heroooo is... dum dum dum.. wolverine :$

Ðark D. said...

Hmm .. that's interesting 8D
captain hook was a pirate ,I like pirates but not him xD
captain jack sparrow is waaaay better 8P

anyway .. I never thought of that .. I don't know who is my superhero

I will think about it and will tell ya ;P

ARTFUL said...

y7lailch ;D

meemz abi ashof rasmch 3n
alna7asa ;D

Bliss said...

spiderman :)

Technogal said...

Jongar :)

MeeMzZ said...

yaay i love his logo too!!;p

i'm sure INTY IT5AR3EEN AKTHAR!!;p hehehe

the real Anonymous
loool 3ade 3adee 6af!!

LOOOOOL!!;P I'M GLADE INA I5ARI3!! swata 3ashan i5ar3ich


Ðark D.

captain jack sparrow is waaaay hotter and sexy too!!;p
yeah you better tell me later cause i'm sure it's gunna turn out to be one of my best ppl!!;p

LOOOL!! MAYLOOG 3ALYIK IL7ANA OKY FOG HAL 5ASHIM!! bas i gotta find a good one!!


what?! never heard of him before but i'm sure he or she is great!!;p

Charmbracelet said...


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

this is sooo weird!
i was having the same convo with my freinds ams!

MeeMzZ said...



Ðark D. said...

SO ! i though about it ALOT when I was @ school today .. and talked about it with my sis .. and in the end I think I know who is my superhero

Batman .. the dark night .. woooo
he is creapy I know .. but some how I like him and the joker too ;P

mm .. and mayb I like mulan .. she inspired me when I was little but there's nothing "super" about her .. xP

so anyway .. thanx for the cool post xD

ARTFUL said...

yslam hal5shaim =)

elli chenna 5ashem tyson ;p

Ghadoor said...

i hate superheros :p

eshda3wa said...

wasnt he eaten by a crocodile ?

MeeMzZ said...

Ðark D.
YAAAA batman that's what i'm talkin about girl!!;p i told you that it's gunna turn out to be one of my heros!!

and mulan i like the she's strong and all but yet she's not perfect enough to be a superhero!!

YA3NEE INTA imga9er tiga 5ashmik qober wayhik ow by the way ma i3yeeb ila ilma3yoob!! ow manee imwareetik ow by the way i found a pic rasmat'ha!!

superheros don't always have to be good!! mine isn't a good person he used to hate peter pan while peter pan on the other hand is a another superhero which kids always love him because he's a good man!!;p

yeah but let's not talk about that!!;p

BeBe said...

lol :P u were evil since u were a child :P joking :P
i wanted to be a WITCH i wrote a post about it before :P
i loved how they fly on a broom and wear black from head to toe
n they had a big black pot :P
i think i still wanna be one :P

Ðark D. said...

yay xDD that's great !!
lol the thing is that mulans story's true .. sadly she was killed when they discoverd that she was a women .. that's sad :( but she was a brave girl and deserve to be admired
-> lol out of the subject xD

thanx again for the cool post

ARTFUL said...

3gb ma t3aybin tgolin ma y3ayb ella alm3yob ;D

shda3waaa!!! 5ala9 entay 5shmch chenna 5anjar shtbin b3ad =)

bs rawina!!! walla etha 6la3at alrasma nafs wayhch ya wailch ;p

fi e'3nyah sm3t'ha thakratni fich!!

e'3nyah bay5a.. bs 6ariqat
almu'3anyah thakratni fich!!! laish ma adri!!! kan yom aswad ;p

MeeMzZ said...


YEAH I WANTED TO BE A WITCH TOO!! actually in custume day in
school when i was 1st grader i wrote a witch coustume while the other kids wore cinderella sleeping beauty barbie and you know!!

Ðark D.

really i never knew that it was a real story and i hate the disney version of the story cause it was a happy ending!! yaa she does deserves to be admired!!
LOOOL!! COME ON IT'S NOT THAT COOL!!;P ur welcome anytime!!


tara ana 3arfatlik adree itha i6l3at il pic 7ilwa aw low3a ra7 itgool wai3 la2na inta matyooz 3an swalfik!!

gooly shism il'3nya ow ilmo'3anee!! ow shinoo qasdik yoom aswad ya3nee ana mat'thkarneeila ib ayam sooda!!;p magoool il 7isbya allah wa ni3ma alwakeel 3alayak!!

Anonymous said...

My superhero is always Superman! Yea baby,take my hand and fly me to the sky,lolz =P

MeeMzZ said...

hehehe superman is not that super to me!!;p hehe