Tuesday, December 9, 2008


happppppppy eiddddddddd
3idkoooooooooooom imbaaaaaaaaaraaaaaaaaak!!;p
this eid sucks!! i hate eid il ad7a it's really a wierd eiiid!!


Anonymous said...

Eid mubarak! Lolz, what's the weird thing happened?

Anonymous said...

Yay me first this time!!! Woohoo!

MeeMzZ said...


ayamich sa3eeda!!;p

ow the weird thing is the sheep killing thing!!;p

it scares me like hell!!;p

Nemo said...

3eedech mbarak sweetie :D

Princess Famme said...

Heeey Happy Eid to you too :D

J O U J A™ said...

7ayatie all 3eeds sucks ;p
3eedich mubrak 7ayatie
5al nswey 7amla ma nabi la7am nabi 3ayadi ;p

BeBe said...

3edich mbarak have a wonderful eid :) dont be negative :P at least it's a holiday from all the school oo ga3dat el sob7 :(

Anonymous said...

Mbarkan 3eedch!

BLaSha said...

happy eid 2 u 2 sweetie

Ghadoor said...

ayamech sa3eeda
ee walla it sucks :\

Seattle dude said...

yeah it was sucky alright.

Bliss said...

i hate ALL eids sta'3farallah :/

Another-Penelope said...

3eedch embarek:) yea it does suck !

libero anima said...

nooo guys 3eeed rocks !!

be positive .. it's a day were the whole family comes together to celebrate ..

if you consider the story behind 3eed .. it's really amazing ..

MeeMzZ said...

ayamich sa3eedah!!;p

Princess Famme

J O U J A™
off i'll be the first one to join!!;p wallah and thanx for passing by!!;p

yeaaaaaaah i know that's the only reason i'm enjoying it!!;p HEHEHE!!;P

Chinese Eyes
thanx!!;p and thanx for passing by inshallah doom!!;p


lool i know!!;p

Seattle dude
hehehe i look like one of these people that hate eids!!;p

LOOOL... wallah they suck i just like them for money!!;p

ayamich sa3eeedah!!;p and i know it does right?!;p thanx for passing by!!;p

libero anima
yeaah sure i try to be posstive!!;p but it sux maaaaan!!;p yeah family friend it's like we don't see them every week!!;p lool

libero anima said...

why does it suck duuude ?=p

MeeMzZ said...

because they kill sheeps and blood everywhere and where ever you want to go it's full with people family and it's a big mess seriously you do see that right!!;p wallah and it just gives me a headache!!

Stand-Alone~ said...

Kul 3am o inti b5air..

Mar8adoosh said...

ayaamich sa3eeda ;D even my eid sucked hehe

Anonymous said...

3eedch Mubarak!!

Spring Blend said...

Eiiiiiiiiiiid Sa3eeeeeeeeeeeeeD :D

Hey ya benty...Its EIIIIIID..smile...^___^ !!

I LOOoooove EiD

U should do soemthing u enJoy..then u will love it ; )

libero anima said...

yeah but killing sheep is a must ..
plus its kewl seeing all that blood everywhere mwahahahhaa =D

i didnt get the ppl family thing =p XD

MeeMzZ said...


yeahh i know eid sucked to all the ppl!!;p

ayamik sa3eeda BROO!!;p

Spring Blend

you think i'll try that!!;p

libero anima
OMG OMG OMG OMG!! are you saw's sister?!;p

yeah well i meant that we see our family every weekend why see them in eid!!;p

ARTFUL said...

ayamch sa3ida ;)

Bookworm said...

Ahh, I know its late, but I thought I already posted here. Blogger must have eaten my comment. Happy Belated Eid..inshAlla all your eids would be happy and exciting in the future =)

Cloudy Stars said...

3eedich embarak:)

libero anima said...

looooooool !!

pleaaaaaaase la te6reeen that movie or i'll barf everywhere =p

A Journal Entry said...

3eeedich embaraaaaak =D

Anonymous said...

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