Sunday, December 14, 2008


I Want a World

I want a world

Without all the hating

Why can't we try

To relate to the people that we see?

I want a world

Where everybody dances

Why can't we all

Just raise our voices and sing?

I want a world

Full of second chances

Because we don't know,

Just what tomorrow might bring

I want a world!

Full of opportunity,Where how high you go

Can only be measured by the sky

If for one second,

We could stop screaming,

I really think,

That everyone could fly!

I want a world

Where joy runs rampant

Because everyone can see
The light of love that's in our eyes

I want a world
Without all the pleading
Because it hurts,To see how many need!

I want a world

Full of passion and beauty

But that won't be because,We are destroying everything...

I! Want a world...

That gives more than it takes!

There are too many lessons to be learned,

How long before all our hearts break?!

The base desires

That drive us to our knees

Are taking over

Won't somebody stop all this please...?

I want a world!

Where nobody dies

For someone elses foolish mistakes

Up to now, I have been denied!

I want a world

Where nobody cries

Except from the happiness

That we should all feel inside

I want a world

Where nobody lies

This probably won't happen

But it doesn't mean we shouldn't try!

I want a world

Where we all move as one

Because the worst thing that could happen to a soul

Is for it to live alone...


Cloudy Stars said...

no world is perfect but i believe u can make an impression and a change to where u are

like volunteering and helping out others.. i know fee lies w ashya2 wayid we can't control, bs ako people who need our help and letting them know they're all equal just like us

to be honest, the main focus in my life is volunteering, i wanna make a change in people's lives

Anonymous said...

Thats perfect! I want one too :(

Ðark D. said...

That's wonderful ..
you know we can change it with our own hands if we truly try .. and never give up hope for a sweet tomorrow ~


libero anima said...

aaaaawh ..

don't we all want a world of our own ? ..

its soo sad that how hard we try to change the world to the better .. what we do just isn't enough ..

Anonymous said...

7ata ana i want that world :(

Another-Penelope said...

Love it ,keep on posting!

Princess Famme said...


J o u J a™ said...

we all want that kind of world ,,
bs lel2saf laysa kol ma yatmnah el mar2 yadrkoho ,, tajri el reya7 bema la tasht'hy el sufun !!!!!!!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

dont we all want that world?=(

life sucks =(

atoona said...

nice post!
if u find that world, let me know :o)

Lili3 said...

so do we :)

Venus said...

I want a world
Full of second chances
Because we don't know,
Just what tomorrow might bring

hi, so0o0 DAMN RIGHT!

Gee said...

eeeeeeee wallaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

yalla 3la edech :p

Stand-Alone~ said...

i want that world too :(

Nemo said...

dreamy :p

ARTFUL said...

9a7 elsanch ;p

ayat almunafeq 3 ;D

Anonymous said...

well said.. but its hard to find this world, even in your dreams it might be hard to fond.

Anonymous said...

I thought u wanted a world where u have a BRO like me ;p

BeBe said...

omg ur so deep i forgot to say that on my post about you :P

if only we had that kind of a perfect world then everybody will live happily ever after

but if you'd think logically about it this life was never meant to be perfect !

if it was then why would there be heaven ?
i always think if i didnt get the things or dreams i want to have then in heaven i will :P

MeeMzZ said...

Cloudy Stars
yeaaaah me too wanna make a change in people's lives!!;p

Chinese Eyes
who doesn't!!;p

Ðark D.
yeahh but who exactly change it you me and ten other people?!;p that's not enough!!;p

libero anima
yeah i agree what we do just isn't enough!!;(

let's build it!!;p

thaanx!!;p i will!!;p

Princess Famme

MeeMzZ said...

J o u J a™
yeah i know

LOOL!!;p what does that mean?!;p

yeah i agree life does suck!!;p

IF IF IFFFF i find that world i will let you know!!;p


i knoww!!;p

eedy ana bas sa3deenee!!;p

then come and help me bring that world to life!!;p


LOOOL!!;P ana i didn't post it ila itha wara reason!!;p

yeah i know!!;p zon let us just dreaaaam!!;p

do you see bro in my post then you will not bee in that world and mmm... your not invited to!!;p hehehe

your right!!;p i sooo agree with you but i never thought about that!!;p THANX BEBZZ!!;P

ARTFUL said...

shnho alreason ya fhimat zmanch!! =)

MeeMzZ said...

lil 2asf ma2gdar agool!!;p

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful world =) I wish it is real!

MeeMzZ said...

yeah so do i but it's just a DREAAAAM!!;P

Anonymous said...

I hate u ;/

MeeMzZ said...

it's oky don't worry i hate you too!!;p