Monday, December 15, 2008

i'll be gone for a while...


soooooooo...i thought i should take a break from now!!;p

sooo i could read twilight so that i could see it in LONDON!!;Pbtw i love this pic what do you think of it?!;p
mmmm... so i thought i should make this post interesting cause it would be my last post for a while!!;p
YES!! questionsany questions i want alot of questions tones and tones of them so i can answer them when i come back!!;p
i might even post some pictures of london from there if i have time!!;p
ps: you don't have to comment on the previous post i just felt like doing it!!;p hehe!!;p


BeBe said...

yay im so happy for you :D
i hope u have a wonderful time there n i wish u could meet edward in person so that you can get his autograph for me :P :P :P
enjoy yourself n have fun
n bring me some suveniers :)
no questions for now but i'll post some later :)

Music, Happiness, Love said...

have fuun ;D

J o u J a™ said...

aywa aywa aywa
someone is going to london

bs wallah you will be missed :*

my questions
1- shno btybeen le 9ogha
2- t7beeni
3- laish ma 5thetni m3ach

LOOL la i am joking :P :P :P

mmmm the questions !!
tharooori ya3ni tabeen questions !!!

shno as2al
shno as2al !!

well shooofay ana 7alyan mako su2al y7oom eb rassi ,, so bemjurad ina y6ub su2al eb balie eb rassi i will ask u
adri waied gargt :P :P

sadia said...

oh coooool!
have loads of fun.
say "hello" to the queen for me ok?

ummm let's see....
what's your most precious possession? why?

Anonymous said...

bil salamaaaaa :D

What is your preferred speciality, which college you think you will go too :P

-- tara hatha ily 6ala3 ma3ay.. so2al malah da3i bs yalah a7san min wala shay :P

Cloudy Stars said...

trou7en witriden bil salama ;*

Anonymous said...

Bessalama ou latensain etyebeenly soughaa ;p

Bliss said...

tro7een o trja3een bilsalamah =D

my question is..
how tall are you? (no i'm not weird, i just like to picture how bloggers look like ;p)

have a BLAAAAST in london!

Gee said...

yah yah yah :D
yalla bel salama insallah
have fun o enjoy it

bs walla madri as2elech 3an shno
afaker o aredlech 5abar ;p

Anonymous said...

hey meemz i've been watching and reading your blog latly but you know just a silent reader and i had a few questions in mind....

what are you're hobbies?

how many brothers and sisters do you have?

are you a family person?!

do you stay more in your home more then you go out ?

how many friend have you got?

which blogs do you vist daliy?

do you know any bloggers here in real life?

and have fun in london

This Lady said...

London is fun! Enjoy!

Another-Penelope said...

come back soon dear ! have fun;)

Lili3 said...

You have to take pictures! Have fun! :)

brocasarea said...


Nemo said...

have fun and take care :)

libero anima said...

hoooooooope you have a greaaaat back ! =D

what's your favorite sabeh ?=p

Anonymous said...

I wish you a very safe trip :D

MeeMzZ said...

LOOOL i wish i could meethim loool!!;p and if i meet him i'll bring you his autograph and make sure you ask me questions!!;p

Music, Happiness, Love

J o u J a™
LOOOOL!!;P when ever you have questions make sure you come here ok!!;p

LOOOL ok that's if i see here!!;p

what's your most precious possession? why?<< i didn't understand the question!!;p

ZaMaHReeR said...
bil salamaaaaa :D

What is your preferred speciality,
ya3nee what do i want to work when i grow up?!;p


Cloudy Stars
thaaanx no questions for me?!;p

mara7 ansa tara lal7een ma nisat 3an the haters list tara agoola al7een

anyways no uestions for me?!;p




thaaaaaanx!!;p yeah come back!!;p

ohhh really thanx!!;p

This Lady


yeah i am!!;p thaaanx!!;p



libero anima
thank you!!;p

what's your favorite sabeh ? i did understand your question!!;p


ARTFUL said...

wain 3la allah o mn m3aaah

allah yhaniich

estansay o '3ayray jao!!

mo tro7in night club tra ma
yda5lonch ;p

7af'6ch allah ra7 nafgdch =)

MeeMzZ said...

mashkoor lool q8honey mahay yaaya!!;p

ow laaaa ishayfnee laish bal baroo7night club makoo shi'3l?!;p

wallah ana ily ra7 afgidkoom!!;p

ARTFUL said...

entay mo gltay mani radah shtbiiin??!!! ;D

J o u J a™ said...

by questions u mean stuff about you or anything in the world ??

Ðark D. said...

Have fun dear ;*

what do you like about yourself ?

MeeMzZ said...

looool abee salamtik!!;p hehe

J o u J a™
madree it depends on what your think but i have to be able to answer them!!;p

Ðark D

hard question!!;p

3anooda said...

wanasa i love london in the winter - have a great time

libero anima said...

ya3niiii what's ur fav. swearing word ? =p

Anonymous said...

Embala fe question "Sheno ibtestereenly min london?" ;p

Anonymous said...

MeeMzZ I'm gonna miss you bunch!! Awww that will be so fun to spend Christmas in London =D!

Wallah the cover of twilight in your blog look better than the original cover =P. My questions is when your coming back? Don't ever leave us alone for long!

PS don't forget to take lots of lots of pictures in London, i can't wait to see them here. Plus, if you see Edward there, send my hugs for him =P

Stand-Alone~ said...

HEY.. HAVE FUN!! you HAVE To ENJOY it to the max.. tara ma kil yoom 3eed :P

Questions time.. e7im,, you asked for it :p

1-If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

2-Do you have any bad habits? What are they?

3-If given the choice, would you choose popcorn or m&m's?

4-How are children supposed to take medicine if it’s meant to be kept out of their reach?

5-Do you know what it feels like when you have to pee?

6-When you leave the house, what things are a MUST have for you to bring along w/you?

7-What is your greatest weakness?

8-Sandwich and 1 drink is $7.50, 5 sandwiches and 2 drinks is $18.00. How much is each sandwich?

9-Since we can't figure out how to make poor countries rich, should we just move the people to countries that are?

10-Five things you'd NEVER do?
What was the most inspirational book that you ever read?

11-If olive oil is made from squeezing olives, then what is baby oil made from?

12-If orange are called “Orange”, how come apples are not called “Red”?

13-Have you had any paranormal experiences?

Bas,, i really wanted to give you a 101 Qs bas that would be too much :p,,, Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

this is my Q - will you take me with you? put some wasta with mom?

Venus said...

tro7een 0 teg3een bel salamah, ya raab.
Oh,take care sis, dont forget 2 upload london pix ^^

Technogal said...

Mahsallah Lucky you :) have fun and enjoy your time.

Tro7een witriden belsalama.

brocasarea said...

[read my post on blog anniversary and be a part of it:)]

SKITTLES said...

I like twilight's cover :-o

oo have fun!

ARTFUL said...

والله ما يندرى وين هايته هالحزه

الله يحفظج


وين اختج اطمنا عليج

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Euphoria said...

Mashallah! Lucky u! I so wanna go next month :)

Enjoy :D

J o u J a™ said...

ok question is


bs hatha su2ali ;p

PaLoMiNo said...

haaa still in london ;p

BeBe said...

lol my question is ;
what places have u been to so far?
oo shloon ray7a london eb7azat elschool :p

ARTFUL said...

allailah ras alsena mo ashofch etrag9ain blclubaaat!!! ;p

MeeMzZ said...



;*******~~~~ to yall

sorry for the sa3abeel!!;p

artful i went to everynight club i could see!!;p j/k j/k

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You should also notice, it's a great way to continue the veneer industry and make sure we have motivated dentists to come up with new innovative ways to fix our teeth. veneers is a big step over gold and silver teeth replacements which are gaudy and look crazy.

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