Thursday, December 11, 2008

live love laugh

this post is dedicated to every single BLOGGER!!;P

BUT mostly to a blogger that i do not like!!(it's a person that i don't know so much and btw she/he doesn't comment here!!) so it ain't you!!

Live life no matter how hard

laugh even when nothing's funny

love like there is no tomorrow

ps: do not ask who that person is cause i am not gonna tell you!!


Zaina said...

Awww :**
I love ur post ;p
the last pic is soo cute!

MeeMzZ said...

really?!;p hehe!!;p

i3yoonich ily cute!!;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

are we talking abt sourire?

libero anima said...

yeap .. and lets not forget chocolate !! XD
and shopping ..

oh oh

and music

ok ...
i think what u said was much better =p

sadia said...


MeeMzZ said...


libero anima

kaaak i like it when you get really exicted!!;p

ohh is that kiss for me!!;p thanx;****

Cloudy Stars said...

i love the pics:)

MeeMzZ said...

3alyich bil3afiya!!;p

Another-Penelope said...

Impressing darling ! so who's the person?:P

MeeMzZ said...

i told you i'm not gonna tell you!!;p but your not that person so you don't have to worry about it!!;p

Anonymous said...

hi sis,
how sweet from u ^___^
i mean ur dedication,
am Venus,20 yrs old,AbuDhabi,UAE
new commentor
i wanna add 1 more thing; i've read most of ur blogs & they r
excuse me 4 this but u r such ....
...LOL girl!lovin itز
meemz *raised eyebrows* i found ur blog in every favourite blogger list ^^ such a famous girl,
what do u think of daily updating, i know it sounds odd but wallah seriously? < انقلعي خخخ
enjoy ur eve. sis
drop by and wut do u think of ma new layout and my new blog; coz zara,pinkish n faten loved it

Anonymous said...

you have to tell me I am ur BRO or i wont comment here again I mean it, huh @@ yalla spill it out!!

MeeMzZ said...

oooh thanx!!;p
welcome here!! hope you come back
you love my blog!!;p ohhh that's really sweet of you venus i mean really thanx!!;p and you didn't complete i'm such what?!;p

not every one and i'm planning on a daily update i'm gonna try my best!!;p thanx again venus!!;p

i love it and i'll be visting you!!;p thanx dude!!;p

LOOOOOOOOOL!!;P now i'm your sis!! haaa?!;p

Miemie said...

this is so amazing! ilike :*
I think i will go with the very last one :)
HMMMMMMMMMMM:: about the anonymous person u hate... ;)

Anonymous said...

i said it;
ur such a LOL girl,
i mean funny ^______^
wishing 2 see the daily update ^^
back 2 study @_@

Nemo said...

i like the "single bloggers" thing :p

like the pictures too :D

Anonymous said...

forgot 2 say;
of course i 'll come back
ur officially in ma white list
YOU ^^

MeeMzZ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MeeMzZ said...

lool wise choose

and about the blogger i hate it ain't you!!;p

ow btw waynich minzoomzn you didn't post!!;p

ohh oky!!;p and goodluck on whatever your studying!!;p oh and i'll be looking forward for you visting me!!;p

LOOOL i don't mean it in married or single thing!!;p

really yaaay thanx!!;p

Balqees said...


shay jameel shay jameeeeel

and very nice pics
shay jameel

eshda3wa said...

i love the pics ma3a el post

good job

Princess Famme said...

Expressive!! u r such a Cutee :**

mai said...

laugh even when nothing's funny

check ;P

hehe nice meeting you meemz :D

Anonymous said...

haw 3yaal shelfayda .. la that person will read it and we wont get to know them :P

ARTFUL said...

ashwa mho ana ;p

funky said...

meeeeeeeeee loveeeeeeeeeeee

forbidden love said...

sexy bag

Anonymous said...

Wow that's all true! Your so sweet wallah!

PS can you borrow me your lil sister for a week? =P

Mar8adoosh said...

i always laugh :)

brocasarea said...

so weird:P

MeeMzZ said...


ilmohim i3jabich!!

really!! YAAAY!!;P

Princess Famme
HEHEHE!!;P thanx!!;p

hehehe!!;p yeah nice meeting you!!;p

you don't have to know that person!!;p but don't worry this person isn't you!!;p

thiqaa!! yarabee!!

really thaaanx!!;p

forbidden love
happy you think that!!;p

really thanx!!;p
zaraaa clam down infact they're fight right now!!;p

reaaly that's great and keep laughing never stop!!;p

what is?!;p

BeBe said...

telll meeee :P
i wont tell anyone my lips are sealed :P

Stand-Alone~ said...

lool.. wallah enty... well hope the person gets the message!! i can be your messanger, *whispers* just tell me who it is :P