Friday, December 12, 2008

what would you rather be....

what would you rather be...

POOR but happy


RICH but permanently ichy!!

it's your choice choose wisely.....


Cloudy Stars said...

if only we'd look at it this way, cuz no one is perfect.. Allah yakhith w ya36i

some rich people wish if they were poor bs healthy and happy bs if only we'd look at it the way u posted ur post..

ilmoshkila eli ehni they complain enhom poor w ohma telgainhom medium class working family bs ham mo 3ajehom.. inzain u've got a home w food bs money 3ala gadik,

etha enta poor, 3ayal eli ib africa ilmaja3a shino?!

akeed i'll choose the first one

brocasarea said...

little bit of both....but i prefer to be successful...:)...

BeBe said...

lol ur hilarious i'd go for rich n itchy if i were rich i'd buy myself a cream for it or i'll do a surgery :P

MeeMzZ said...

Cloudy Stars
off 7ada you brought it girl!!;p
i'm liking you
yeah that's what i woukd pick!!;p

no you have to choose!! you can't have a little od both!!;p hehe

no it's permanently ichy you can't help it there is no medicine or cream that could cure it!!;p so do you still stick with your choice!!;p hehe

Anonymous said...

Poor but happy! But i will try to make the money enough to make my family happy.

Anonymous said...

Poor of course as long as happiness is attached to it, because as they say, money can not buy happiness :-)

Anonymous said...

poor but happy AND smart and ambitious enough to work myself to becoming successful :)

MeeMzZ said...

wise choice!!

Dubai Guy
yeah i agree money never buys happiness nor love!! so yet again wise choice!!;p

that's great!!;p

sadia said...

ofcourse poor and happy.
if i'm happy, i wouldn't notice i was poor!...i would be eternally happy no matter what! :)

Anonymous said...

poor but happy ;p

MeeMzZ said...

yes that's true but they will have to notice that later!!;p

great choice!!;p

Livingmylife said...

POOR .. i cnt stand it when anything itches meee!!

Another-Penelope said...

i dont know to me it's hard to choose hehehe, cause if someone is poor he would honestly tell you since when we are happy? yea we do from time to time but to afford for our health problem and so on its just hard to stay alive so normal but it does give us encourage to deal with difficulties and to work hard to be rich and it is their dream to be rich i mean most of them, I've been with poor people and lived with them too for a year in other country,it is hard to be happy really nowadays especially for poor people.

I'd say middle class and healthy cause iam :P

forbidden love said...

id love to be just in between...el fe8er balwa ow zyadat el 5er balwa ... my money havent buyed me the happiness i wished for ... law bede ill trade life law for one day live as that normal girl i wanted to be :)

Bliss said...

i agree with anonymous :)

Anonymous said...

i dont want to choose :|

Balqees said...

rich but happy :P
ynfa3 ?? :P

ee ynfa3 :P

J o u J a™ said...

Happy & Rich :D

Venus said...

hi meemZ,
if i was rich and itchy ,i will face problems with finding the "happy" thinge ^^" & if i was poor and happy, i will face bittersweet days, coz no one is living happyily ever after! that's a point
the second one is that no one is merta7 fee ha el denia, my answer is neither poor nor rich D:
i wanna be successful in life, BUT
am 8ano3a with what god has given me.

Lili3 said...

I'm happy enough that I'm between both XD

FourMe said...

hehhehe laish 3ad itchy?!

mai said...

poor but happpyyy
I can't handle itchiness :P
aham shay el 8ana3a wo allah yarab yesehel :D

Music, Happiness, Love said...

poor but happy;)

Stand-Alone~ said...

hmmm.. i would go with poor but happy and work my way to be rich and still HAPPY =D

Spring Blend said...

I am HapPy the way things r now..elhamdu Allah..why choose..?! ; )

Tuwams said...

Poor but Happy for sure!

libero anima said...


dude that's a hard decision

iiiiiiii'd choooooose to beee itchy and poor =p

bcuuuuuuuz allah y2jer el 9aber ..

ok ok ok ..
im not THAT 9abooora ..

permanently itchy huh ? ..
hmm .. can i pass the question? =p

Anonymous said...

i rather be rich and happy :P
ok if money couldn't buy me happiness then i want to be poor and happy



Ðark D. said...

hey .. missed ya x3
NICE post u have there

i'd choose poor but happy .. Money Won't Buy You Happiness .. soo be poor and happy =)

MeeMzZ said...


YEAH I AGREE!!;P but you have to pick either this or that!! i know it's hard but some of them are happy!!;p so what would your choice be?!;p

forbidden love
LOOOL...but you have to choose poor or rich?!;p



MeeMzZ said...


J o u J a™

youhave to pick!!


la2na i can't stand ichyness!!;p


Music, Happiness, Love
i would go for that one too!!;p

MeeMzZ said...


Spring Blend
bas i wanna see what you think!!;p


libero anima
NO YOU CAN NOT PASS THE QUESTION!!;P and why poor ichy i would die!!


Ðark D.
WHERE HAVE YOOU BEEN!! thanx i3yoonich il7ilwaa!!;p great choice!!;p

Balqees said...

5la9 ajl lao tgoleen ma ynfa2 then i'll pick ....
happy but rich :P

see lat time glt rich but happy
bs halmarrah i'll be happy but rich :P

Another-Penelope said...

LooL La 3ad 8aweya poor and happy:P mmm 5la9 rich and itchy:P

Venus said...

أوكي الفقر @___@

ARTFUL said...

alhadaf mn alflos als3ada

fa la barak allah bflos ma twans
9a7ebha ;)

Gee said...

walla ana ensana qano3a :p
mabe a9er poor wla rich :p

3a6ene men hatha el happiness o men hathak cham dinar :p

o ra7 akon rathya kel el retha :p

Ansam said...

rich and happy :-P

Ansam said...

no but seriously I so believe in "alqana3a kanzon la yafna" and if you are satisfied than you are ok :-)

eshda3wa said...


then i can buy meds to cure myself

MeeMzZ said...

7ilfay!!;p no seriously what is it poor but happy or rich but ichy!!;p
don't tell me rich but happy or happy but rich!!

allah i3eenich ow i9abrich!!;p


ya3nee shinoo hatha wallah hathak?!;p

LAAAAA my9eeer hatha wallah hathak magilt i5taraw bin9!!;p

i agree but you have to pick!!;p

i already said PERMENTLY ichy that means no meds can cure the ichinees!!;p

ARTFUL said...

entay shmga3dch bn9 allail!!!

3lshan trdin 3laina??! ;p

BeBe said...

5la9 i changed my mind :P
i wanna be poor and happy :P
i can study n get a diploma then work then save money n buy my dream house :P or get married to a rich man :P so it doesnt suck :P